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The discussion chapter in your paper analyzes your research findings based on the data collected and the literature reviewed. It is a time to make your point after considering the ideas other authors have offered in their works. You must stick to academic language and reinforce your views by citing the sources you have used in your work.

The discussion post demonstrates your originality and understanding of the topic. It is your chance to shine through a critical analysis of the ideas you are discussing. Any weakness in this section will affect your entire paper.

6 Academic Books to Use for Writing a Successful Discussion Post

Here are excellent books to guide you in writing the discussion post in your paper.

1. Stylish Academic Writing -

The title suggests a freelance approach to academic writing. However, it is known that academic writing should strictly follow the rules prescribed. So how does stylish writing fit into the puzzle?

Helen Sword views academic writing as an opportunity to demonstrate your individuality. Therefore, the chapter should show your character through the choice of words, explanations given, and a critical revelation of your conclusions. 

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Sword has analyzed hundreds of the best scholarly books and articles. She has picked the styles these writers use to make their ideas more captivating to read. In her analysis, she helps you find a personal touch in every academic paper you write. As a result, you give the discussion a unique voice, making it easier to understand.

2. How to Write a Lot

Academic writing is hectic for many people. However, some people cannot seem to stop writing. What is their driving power? Paula J. Silvia will help you eliminate writer’s block and complete the discussion in days.

Paula is very brief and practical. The book is less than 150 pages, giving you a chance to complete the reading and apply the ideas in the shortest time. According to Paula, productive writing is a skill that people can learn.

3. Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential Tasks and Skills -

The book targets students with practical tips to help them produce the most professional academic paper. Christine B. Feak and John M. Swales draw from personal experience to assist students in writing better. Both the writers are graduates of the Michigan English Language Institute. They have also worked with tens of graduate students to help them unlock their writing potential.

Academic Writing for Graduate Students will help you tackle other types of writing. It offers first-hand experiences, giving you practical solutions to some of the challenges most graduate students face. In addition, the authors use straightforward language, making their ideas easier to understand.

4. Simple and Direct: A Rhetoric for Writers -

Jacques Barzun has produced numerous outstanding books for academics, researchers, and scholars. He loves scholarships and wants to maintain their highest standards. However, he is also of the opinion that it must be written in the most straightforward language. Simple and Direct will help you to simplify your ideas and enjoy the writing process.

5. They Say/I Say -

Gerald Graff examines the research question. First, he wants you to understand the difference between your ideas and those of other people. Then, he teaches you to use what other people have said to build your idea.

6. The Elements of Style -

The Elements of Style is a classic academic writing book. Written in 1918 by William Strunk Jr, the book will help you to understand different academic writing styles, adapt to them, and use them in your work. Time magazine has named it among the most influential books of all time.

Academic writing requires you to adhere to particular rules. In addition, however, you must apply your personal touch to the paper. These books make writing more accessible, enjoyable, and accurate at any level.

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