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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Self-Help
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English
ISBN - 979-8-88503-618-4
Pages - 150

Be The Best Version of Yourself

Book Review - 

Words of wisdom to transform your life; the subtitle provides an idea of what you'll find inside the book. Same as the title, Be The Best Version of Yourself, which we all wanted and tried to be. This debut book of Srinivart (pseudonym) splits into short twenty-five sections. 

Srinivas Panaganti is trying to assist people like us in achieving satisfaction in our lives. He outlined various ways to apprehend that life is not all about superficial things and how we need to live in the present. So many roadblocks prevent us from fulfilling our dreams; the author shows how to eliminate them and live the life we want. 

Inspired by the teachings of Buddha, the author shared his wisdom in lucid language with a smooth flow of narration. Being a lover of self-help books, I knew that I had to read this one, and it does uplift me. However, a few times, I felt that the content is repetitive. 

I always seek to do my best, becoming the best version of myself, and I know how hard it is. Some days, I dwell on the past, while on other days future. Living in the present is difficult for me, and I'm glad that the author covered this topic because I needed the reminder to live in the present and think consciously. 

The lessons are influential and well indicative. Srinivas's work covers a wide range of topics, and you can read the whole book at once or pick the subject of your liking and requirements. It will help you tap into your hidden potential to live a better and more gratifying life. I recommend it to beginner-level readers. 

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