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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Kingston Publishing
Genre - Young Adult Fiction
Publishing year - 2021
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1645333401
Pages - 172

Rising Together by K.M. Sparks and Christopher Cole

Book Review - 

Rising Together is the first book in the Prosperity series written by K.M. Sparks and Christopher Cole. This YA fiction is a tale of two best friends who did everything in their power to stay together. 

Tim and Haze are best friends. Unfortunately, Tim struggles with his studies due to his household condition, which he can't share with anyone. But he helps the kids who are weak and bullied by other students like Steve and his gang. Haze is wise and studious but lacks confidence. 

They both help each other and maintain the balance of their sweet and innocent friendship. Then, finally, Tim opened up to Haze, and his whole life changed. He was sent to a foster home where for the first time, he felt relief because now he could lead a normal life without enduring any abuse. 

He was heartbroken, but with the help of Haze, he comprehends that everything will be better from now on. But then his foster family decides to move to a new place, and then he is not ready to say goodbye to Haze. They did something so that they both could live together forever, without realizing how reckless they were.

This is the third book I'm reading by Christopher Cole, and I started to see a pattern - kids around ten to twelve years old fighting with the world to survive, staying together, missing parents, and healthy friendships are the key elements of his writing process. 

Tim and Haze have gone through a lot, but the ultimate realization on their parts with the help of two strangers is the core of the narrative. I can connect with Tim because no matter how foolhardy it was, I thought of doing the same things when I was a kid. I even acted on it a few times. 

So, I know how hard it is, but in real life, the world out there is a scary place, and while reading, I hoped that these two do not end up in the wrong places with the bad people. Although I don't have a Haze in my life, I never did. But I'm glad that Tim has. I enjoy their bond and how they grow together. 

This is a fast-paced drama perfect for young readers. The language is lucid, and the narration is flawless. I recommend it and can't wait to read the next part to know if these two end up together or not?

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