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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Gatekeeper Press
Genre - Paranormal Fiction
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-6629-1021-0
Pages - 560

Kaleidoscopic Shades: Within Black Eternity by David A. Neuman

Book Review - 

David A. Neuman's debut book Kaleidoscopic Shades combines metaphysical fantasy with an element of sci-fi and horror. 

The plot revolves around a boy who starts dreaming about the "man in black" and realizes that his dream has more meaning and reality than he thinks; that boy's name is Joshua Triplow. Son of Bob and Sue Triplow, living in Corona, California. 

Eleven years old Joshua is not the only one who is dealing with these dreams. Apparently, all the kids in the city are suffering from the terror of the "man in the black." All the worried parents try different methods to ease the misery of their children; they try counseling, medications, and giving more attention to the kids. Their efforts paid off, and the talks of dreams were soon minimized, but adults didn't know that the kids still had dreams. Only this time, they started sharing less and less. 

One of Joshua's friends, Sammy, went missing, and he acknowledged that he had an idea that it would happen but could not do anything. Soon his parents learned about this and shared the news that they needed to go to Australia. Bob and Sue dealt with this strange phenomenon in the past, and this time it's time for Bob and Joshua to save the world from the "man in the black," aka Patrick Nesmith.

Will they be able to save the world or find Sammy? Will they be alive to tell the tale when all of these are over? Who is this man in the black, and what does he want? What happened in 2011 that changed Bob's life? If you want answers to these questions, then pick this book. 

The plot also revolves around the strange happenings around the world and the star people, who I'm not sure are friends or foes. The "man in black" weapon choice is unique, and I never read of it before, so that's a plus point. 

Although the book is thick but fast-paced, I think there is room for improvement in narration. So many things can be cut down in editing, but they were not. 

Also, David A. Neuman needs to work on his writing style because jumping from one scene to entirely another didn't work well for me. But I appreciate his efforts and saw potential in the story. I hope that there will be a sequel.

If you're looking for bizarre but captivating time travel, mass hysteria with an element of entertainment, and nefarious organizations with deadly intentions, then read this book. 

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