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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Astitva Prakashan
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-94607-70-5
Pages - 120

I Can Change The I and Everyone Is I - Quoted For Billion People 1.0 by Rushang Tangal

Book Review - 

Rushang Tangal's debut work, I Can Change The I and Everyone is I, consists of one hundred and twenty quotes based on his insights. As mentioned by the author, read, relate, realize, and recreate - the whole concept of his work revolves around these four words. 

The quotes we read are relatable and help us to realize reality so that we can recreate a new one, or I can say, a happy and fulfilling one. But, to do that, we must change ourselves, and everything we desire will come to us from inner transformation. Therefore, the letter, I in the title represent us and everyone. 

There is no right way to read this book; you can open any page and connect that particular quote to your current or past situation. It will help you to realize how much you've transformed or will lead to the path towards adaptation. 

This book is fast-paced, and one can efficiently finish it in one sitting, but I urge you to read it slowly. You'll gain more insights if you contemplate and connect with the quotes. 

The language is also lucid, but a few quotes here and there seem to deliver the same message; only the way of saying it is distinct. Overall, it is a good book, and I recommend it.

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