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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Fiction/Short stories
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-1-64546-663-5
Pages - 75

My Review -  

Still Love...Still Missed by Mridula is a heart-wrenching tale that consists of different types of emotions. The dark blue cover page makes me like it even more because of its austerity. The book comprises a few short stories and one poem based on love under the lavender tree. 

Every story has different sentiments, but I feel sadness in common. The author is a skillful story-teller. She knows when and where to put a twist. The plot does not only show human POV, but animals, plants, and non-living things too. The tales are thought-provoking. 

Mridula has that essence in the stories where readers can feel the raw and pure sentiments. The characters are easily connectable, and I felt affection towards them. I read this book in less than one hour. It hooked me from start to end. The language is relatively easy, and there are no semantic errors. 

"The dread of loneliness is greater than the fear of bondage." 
"Hunger has always been strong enough to question moralities!" Every word penned down by Mridula makes me think deeper about life and the choices we made. The book is beautifully narrated and proved to be a worthy read. I recommend this book to newbies and to those who like short stories with a pinch of attachment, suffering, and an enigma. 

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Blurb - 
Still Loved...Still Missed! The myriad hues of souls are a collection of 14 short stories and a poem. These stories span characters and emotional states with canny details that touch the depths of your soul. Picturing the complexities of love, misery, and mystery, the stories try to gnaw your heart like never before. 

  • What does a flower teach us we often fail to see?
  • The belly is an ungrateful wretch. Is it true?
  • Once Tasha obtains a treasure in her garden, what happens next?
  • Ever wondered about the sparseness and illusions in life?
  • Does death put an end to true love?
  • Have all the ascetics won over their emotions?
With the power of simple language, this book transports the readers to a world scarcely thought of in our bustling lives. The allergies maintain an intense rhythm of life, prompting the readers to perceive things from a unique angle.

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