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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Corvus Quill Press LLC
Genre - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Publishing year - 2021
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-7362075-1-2
Pages - 420

Dark Dimensions

Book Review - 

Dark Dimensions is the debut book written by J.A. Duxbury and the first part of the series. The story is a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, making it unique. 

Last year, I read her work, Heart of Deception, which was about royals and spies, and now reading this one with a whole different concept makes me wonder how the author pulled it off. Changing the genres and creating another world is difficult, but she did it incredibly.

The protagonist of this book, Troy, works as a battle master for Vlad: The Supreme. Being a human, he was always sent as a peace diplomat to different dimensions by Vlad, but most of the time, he ends up as a prisoner and then in the infirmary to recover. 

Vlad and his clan of vampires and his army of loyal humans wanted to reach their home dimensions, but they ended up in dissimilar ones and found different versions of themselves. They fought and created new followers, and the new vampires drained those who didn't obey.

Troy, Tig, Pril, and Senia were humans and wanted to be converted one day by Vlad, but their fate had other plans. At the same time, Vlad and Troy's relationship was much more than anyone anticipated and the story's turning point. 

Like Troy, all his three friends accepted their fortune and continued to find a way to reach their home. But will they be able to get there, and what makes them wander from one dimension to another is the crux of the story. 

The story progress when Troy becomes the guinea pig of a fragile-minded scientist. Then finally, he finds the truth about his past and witnesses new capabilities that he didn't know before. All the characters, at some point, share a brief conversation with Troy and Vlad, which makes the tale more engaging, as they all got the spotlight in one way or another. 

I like how J.A. Duxbury didn't use vampire stereotypes and created something fresh. The narration is smooth, but you will have to be patient in beginning to understand the concept. However, it offers a gripping storyline with many action sequences. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it to fantasy/sci-fi lovers.

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