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Aakanksha is a thorough professional and her reviews are crystal clear. Enjoyed working with her and will continue for my next book surely.- Sridhar Ramachandran

It's been a good start working with you. Thank you for writing and publishing your honest review on my book, and hopefully, things will turn out well and better. I look forward to collaborating with you again very soon. All the best!- Ajay Bhootra

Every professional is defined by their quality of work and their professionalism. Aakanksha is among the best in both those facets. I learned a lot from her about professional attitudes, ethics, and output.- Arjun Gupta

Your review has been candid. You've mentioned grammatical errors in the book. I would be thankful if you can highlight them chapter/para wise to enable me to take care of them in the future. Overall review was good.- V. Subramanian

It was a good experience. Appreciate the author interview aspect.- Shyam Sundar Bulusu

The services provided by Aakanksha was excellent. Would love to work again.- Kling Johnson

It was a good experience, professional, and helpful.- Jay Kerk

So far the experience has been good. I received prompt response and services from Books Charming.- Joseph Mani

A very honest review and detailed description of the stories in my book. It felt good to read the review when the reader could exactly fathom the emotions I tried to weave in there. I would definitely work again with Aakanksha for her honest review and punctuality.- Manali Debroy

Excellent work. I would recommend Aakanksha's services and would love to work with her again.- Tanmay Kumar

My experience was good. I would like to work with Aakanksha again.- Abhaidev

Amazing. The services provide by Aakanksha is best.- S.P.B Berry

Aakanksha was fantastic with her help in promoting my book. She offered honest book reviews. Her network of readers would certainly have read her reviews and might have taken an informed decision about my book. She also blogged an interview with me which helped me introduce myself to her reader community.- T. Sathish

When you are working with Aakanksha, you are working with a pro. On all my interactions with her, she has been timely and meticulous. I have never had to pester her for anything. She always responds quickly or before I ask. I asked Aakanksha for a review of one of my works, but instead of writing a glowing one as many paid reviewers would do, she wrote an honest review. The lady has ethics, which are in short supply these days. I would much rather have given an honest review than a glowing one, from which I learn nothing. I wholeheartedly recommend using Bookscharming's services.- Phil Slattery

My overall experience was good. I would love to work with Books Charming again.- Deepa Iyer

I had a wonderful experience! Loved answering the interview questionnaire. Pleasure working with you.- Shalini P Sawkar

Good service. Prices could be competitive. Thank you.- Vaishnavi Sanoj

Friendly and professional people. They have carved a niche for themselves in book reviews. Aakanksha's reviews are honest and insightful. The review completely captures the essence of the book. Highly recommended her and would surely work with her again.- Swaminathan Kathiresan

I am happy with your articulate book reviews, and an overall, positive approach. The interview has also come out very well.- Hema Myer Sood

I had a great time with the Guest Post over this blog. I really respect the professionality by which the admin worked. Waiting for the next collaboration soon.- Sushrut Tewari

Books Charming does a great job of interviewing authors. Aakanksha is professional and helpful to work with your schedule. Posts are promoted well. I enjoyed my experience working with them.- Raquel Byrnes

I had my book "Done With Her" reviewed by Aakanksha. I must say that she is very professional. She reviewed the book on time. Also, I liked the honesty with which she left her feedback on every platform/social media pages. It was an amazing experience. I'd like to seek her services again in the future.- Chirasree Bose

It was a good experience, and I will surely recommend your website to other people. Thanks for giving your wonderful platform to showcase my work and efforts.- Akanksha Sharma

Aakanksha Jain of Books Charming is a professional with an astute sense of literature. She was prompt in her response and reviewed the book soulfully. An author and his works need to be connected to the world of readers for knowing the response from them. His work is as good or bad as the reflection in the opinion of the readers. Aakanksha provides an excellent platform for achieving this. Wish her all the best.- Udayaditya Mukherjee

It was an interesting experience working with Books Charming.- Ishita Deshmukh

The overall experience was excellent. I recommend Books Charming.- Lara Hawkins

Aakanksha's stellar work of publicizing my literary, illustrative, and publishing projects was nothing short of amazing. She provides the first push in placing my books into the spotlight!- Sebastian Schug

Happy with kind of service provided by the BooksCharming managed by Aakanksha Jain. I am humbled, after reading your GENUINE review. You got the interpretation right at many places.- Shabaz Qazi

Unbiased review with constructive criticism.- Indranil Roy

Professional, quick to respond, and easy to work with.- Greg Hickey

Straightforward and professional. Very good.- Adam Alexander

Aakanksha took my interview for my novel "Second Chance". I like her way of working. She is quite a professional. Surely, I will work with her again if I get the chance. I want to thank her for her helpful behavior and professional working.- Sandeep Jatwa

I am delighted to recommend Aakanksha's services. She is professional, honest, thorough, and she delivers with integrity. A pleasure to deal with!- Peter Keating

What any writer wants to hear is a good review. But apart from it, genuine or critical reviews can do a writer think to review his writing improving it. I would like to say Aakanksha shares her opinion that can grab the attention of readers and also help the writer too. I found her job very impressive and above board. I would like to collaborate with her again in my second book. I hope it would also help others too. All the best Aakanksha.- Mahidharnath Sesetti

Thanks, Aakanksha for giving me a chance to express my gratitude towards readers of "For the Smile of Your Eyes" in a wonderful interview on your blog. I loved answering all your questions.- Aarish Nandedkar

The review was honest and constructive. Aakanksha is very professional. I really enjoy giving answers to her amazing interview questions.- Jahanvi Kuppili

Aakanksha has a very professional website in which she offers a range of services, including proofreading, copy editing, book reviews, and interviews. She is quick to respond to queries and keep her clients updated throughout. I found Aakanksha to be a very reliable person to deal with and have no hesitation in recommending her services.- Simon Pearce

I recently published my first novel, a crime thriller called "In Our Blood: A Jake Hawksworth Thriller". Aakanksha Jain was kind enough to interview me regarding my book, as well as my experience as a writer. She was extremely professional and detailed in her communication. Her interview questions covered the gamut and gave the reader a sense of who I am and what my novel is all about. I highly recommend Aakanksha as a resource to any other authors looking to gain exposure for their work.- William J. Goyette

Aakanksha was helpful, professional and honest here reviewing my book "Me and my Black Dog". I would recommend her if you are looking for an honest review of your work. - Paul Trueman

Aakanksha Jain is doing a great and honest job on her blog - Books Charming. This literary blog is a happening site where one can showcase their creative talent. Visit Book Charming and be a part of it. - Surendra Nath

I had a great experience working with Books Charming. Their review is honest and quick. Aakanksha is very professional and supportive. I would recommend her if you are looking for a constructive feedback.- Surabhi Sharma

I got a fair and sensible review. Excellent understanding of the story and its mechanism. She makes sure her reviews are as constructive as possible, making the author like me happy, and at the same time realize our work's downsides in a subtle manner.- Vaishnav Shravan

The review was good and amazing. Aakanksha is a great professional reviewer and blogger.- Varun Sayal

The review was impartial and factual giving unbiased feedback. Aakanksha is an honest reviewer who pays attention to accuracy and detail. She not only provides a review but also comments on your writing style and provides constructive criticism where necessary. I will recommend her as a reviewer and intend using her for future reviewing.- Helene Thomas

The experience was great, you are the first person I had offered the book to and I like the way you have come up with the review. Thanks and I hope to work with you again. - Neville J Kattakayam

Satisfied as I got an honest review. - Pankaj Giri

Amazing experience, keep doing the good work. - Aditya Nighhot

I worked with Aakanksha on a book review and promotion drive. I received a very comprehensive and thoughtful review. Working with her was very helpful and informative, and I received a comprehensive and thoughtful review of my book as well as an amazing interview opportunity. She excels both as a reviewer and a book blogger. I also had a great time answering all the questions for the interview published on this blog. Overall, I had a fantastic experience and would love to work with Books Charming again! - Nupur Chowdhury

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