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Author Interviews

Author Interview published on every Wednesday.

September 2018

Interview - Jahanvi Kuppili

October 2018

Interview - Aditya Nighhot
Interview - Paul Trueman
Interview - Vaishnav Shravan
Interview - Nupur Chowdhury
Interview - Sidharth Vardhan

November 2018

Interview - Nrupal Das
Interview - Pankaj Giri 
Interview - William J. Goyette 
Interview - Sandeep Jatwa 

December 2018

Interview - Sebastian Schug 
Interview - Aarish Nandedkar 
Interview - Simon Pearce 
Interview - Peter Keating 


Interview - Varun Sayal 
Interview - Helene Louiesa Mynhardt 
Interview - Mahidharnath Sesetti 
Interview - Yigal Zur 
Interview - Indranil Roy 


Interview - John Thomas 
Interview - Ishita Deshmukh 
Interview - Shabaz Qazi 
Interview - Neville J Kattakayam 


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